Hommelwandeling Kruidtuin Brussel
Koningsstraat 236
Bijeninventarisatie Ukkel - Inventaire des abeilles Uccle
Sterstraat 92
Meise Bioblitz!
Meise Botanic Garden
Voorjaarsinventarisatie/Recensement/Survey @ Laeken
Sobieski Park
Voorjaarsinventarisatie/Recensement/Survey @ Brussels Cemetery (Evere)
Brussels Cemetery
First observation day for wild bees in Brussels!
Insect Walk in Vogelzang Reserve, Anderlecht
Inventaire des abeilles à Uccle
Cimetière de St-Gilles

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The Atlas of the Wild Bees of Brussels, funded by Brussels Environment and implemented by the team of Prof. Nicolas Vereecken at the Agroecology Lab of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, aims to better define the diversity, distribution, abundance and needs of more than 150 species of wild bees encountered in Brussels and to produce a document freely accessible and summarising the state of current knowledge.

WildBnB is the acronym of 'Wild Bees and Brussels' and refers to the concept of Bed and Breakfast (BnB), as our wild bees need nesting sites (bed) and host plants (breakfast) to survive and thrive in our urban environments. 


Stéphane De Greef
Project coordinator

Agroecology Lab

ULB, Campus de La Plaine

T: +32 (0)2.650.6081

E: at

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All images by Nicolas Vereecken except when mentioned